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Formal Ignite Payments Referral Partnerships

As an Ignite Payments Referral Partner, you'll have the ability to grow your business—and your bottom line. Our innovative product solutions can give you a new source of revenue, new touch points for building stronger customer relationships, and a distinct competitive advantage.

Ignite Payments invites you to join one of the most successful referral relationship programs in the industry. Our diverse portfolio consists of over 400 referral relationships of all sizes and business types, including; associations, financial institutions, franchises and Internet companies.

Ignite Payments pays up to 10% commission on the GPR of credit card, debit card, check, pre-paid gift card, and pay card transactions for every merchant you refer. When your merchants use Ignite Payments, your revenue grows.

As a worldwide leader in payment processing, Ignite Payments tailors solutions to meet the needs of virtually any business. The strength of our processing infrastructure, backed by our dedicated team of industry experts, enables us—and you—to deliver unsurpassed value. And new products mean new ways to help you build stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships.

In addition, an Ignite Payments Partnership Manager will work with you to create joint marketing campaigns based on key analytics specific to your industry. You'll receive the latest industry and product updates, so you'll be the first to offer what your customers really want. And cross-training will help you sell the full range of payment solutions more effectively.

Program Features

For You

For Your Customers

Ignite Payments provides a simple, customizable Web page template as a link on your website to offer Ignite Payments processing to your customers. An online application option is also available.


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